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Backgammon (bekgemmon or backgammon) - a board game on a special wooden board, which has come to us from the ancient Eastern nations. According to one legend, the ancient Hindus, Persians smart to check and sent them to chess, thinking that they do not understand how to play this game. But a Persian sage, not only solved this zakadku, but also suggested that the Indians reciprocal game whose rules they have not been able to find out. The main objective of backgammon - is moving round the perimeter of the chip on the board in accordance with the glasses that fell on the two dice. The one who quickly make this circle all their checkers is the winner. Backgammon can serve as the perfect entertainment for two, but will need to play the whole game equipment - boards, chips and two dice. Yes, not every home can be found backgammon, but almost everyone has a computer connected to the Internet. In backgammon online you can play for free on our site. No need to buy anything, even a rival for the game you will not need - a board, dice and chips you will see on the screen, and as the enemy will act as your computer. You probably know that there are two types Backgammon - long and short. So, here you can try your hand at that, and in another type of game. Of course, do not have to fight with artificial intelligence - play online backgammon you can with a regular opponent on the same computer. The advantages of this are obvious - the game program will not allow anyone to break the rules, and will control the order and correctness of each turn. Sometimes, the next move is allocated a limited time, so will have to think quickly. Experts believe that backgammon have quite a low complexity of the rules and an average depth of strategies, so they can learn to play even a six year old child. If you are interested in the intellectual development of your baby son or daughter - must teach them to play backgammon online - soon the child can be your pretty strong opponent in the game. After all, in order to play online backgammon, the kid will only need to move the mouse and click the left mouse button. To play this ancient game, you do not need to be registered on the site - all games, including backgammon, are freely available. On our resource you can actually play backgammon online for free, without any sms, viruses, and similar nonsense. If you still do not know how to play backgammon, but would love to learn this - rather they learn the rules and start to try their hand!

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